SOWEB, a leader in providing marketing solutions for today’s businesses, announced the launch of Mobile Ready, a set of selected services to help businesses effectively deal with the upcoming Google update that requires websites to be mobile-friendly. The initiative also focuses on educating businesses on the importance of the new mobile-friendly Google algorithm that will be launched on April 21st, and why it is critical for brands to make websites viewable for the new multi-screen world.

“The rapidly evolving online landscape experimented a tectonic shift last year when Internet usage on mobile devices for the first time in history surpassed desktop usage. This fact will have an important impact over the next years on the way businesses market themselves and interact digitally with consumers. Google’s upcoming algorithm update sends a clear message to businesses. Adopt mobile or get ready to become invisible online.” stated Ernesto Sosa, CEO of SOWEB.

“With the launch of Mobile Ready services, SOWEB aims to support businesses along the transition to the new mobile world. We understand the importance of educating the business sector on this important topic, reason why in addition to the progressive roll-out of selected services, we will be hosting a series of educational online and offline events over the next weeks. All efforts will be complemented with the activation of a conversation on social media under the hashtag #getmobileready. The time has come to seriously embrace and integrate mobile along all mission-critical business assets -websites, sales, communications, data, customer service, education- in order to properly serve the connected consumers.” added Adrian Pelaez, Director of Communications, SOWEB.

For more information about Mobile Ready services and upcoming announcements, contact SOWEB, email or join the conversation on social media through Facebook and Twitter.