SOWEB, the marketing agency for the Digital Age, and Hello Printing Ideas, a leader in next generation printing, today announced a new strategic partnership. The partnership will combine SOWEB’s expertise in marketing solutions for an increasingly digital world with Hello Printing Ideas’ creative printing technologies to deliver solutions for businesses.

Together SOWEB and Hello Printing Ideas plan to co-innovate around tra-digital (traditional-digital) advertising, to address the increasing needs of organizations to leverage the power of integrated offline and online advertising campaigns. The first focus area will be business education, which will allow organizations to understand this new advertising approach and develop a proper mindset to reap the benefits of this convergence. The first educational workshops will be launched over the next weeks with this purpose and will be later complemented with online initiatives such as industry-specific webinars, Facebook Live talks and Twitter Chats.

Ernesto Sosa, CEO, SOWEB commented: “To effectively reach today’s consumers it is key to understand that media consumption habits have changed. The way people purchase and interact with brands has dramatically evolved since the World Wide Web was invented, but against all predictions, traditional advertising hasn’t been displaced by digital, rather complemented by it. People across generations are consuming almost an even amount of digital versus traditional media. Brands that focus only on standalone traditional-only or digital-only campaigns are missing a great business opportunity. With Hello Printing Ideas we aim to enable a new way of creating and implementing campaigns that deliver better results for brands.”

“We are really excited and looking forward to developing this shared vision with SOWEB. Traditional advertising cannot be excluded from today’s marketing campaigns, but should be embraced as a key element to be combined with digital to effectively reach today’s connected consumers. Brands that understand and leverage the power the comes with this updated approach, will be the ones to succeed.” Said Victor Planchart, President of Hello Printing Ideas.

SOWEB and Hello Printing Ideas are working together to establish a new set of services that will initially benefit businesses in South Florida, powered by a close local co-operation. A progressive rollout across the State is expected starting early next year.